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Alvin Johnston

Owner - Director

Modeling, Acting, Stunts, Special Effects, Guitar

Alvin has been an instructor since the fall of 1999. He works with our Modeling and Acting Divisions. He graduated from Barbizon International where he instructed modeling for 3 years and was an agency rep. He modeled professionally for Adidas, Pepsi One, Nabisco, American Magazine, Rough and Ready Sportswear, and a cover of a Sara Johnson romance novel!

Al is the owner and Director for Wild Child Entertainment, a film production company. They do all kinds of projects through out Oregon and the North West. They work primarily on stunt and special fx projects. For more on WCE check out


He has appeared as and actor and stunt man in films such as The Hunted, Steel Town USA, Night Wing, Point Blank, Muddy Flats, and a lot more! He has volunteered as Stunt Co-Ordinator for local grade school productions. He was the 1st AD, the stunt co-ordinator, and weapons wrangler for Blackhorse Productions, a stunt and special effects team for 3 years prior to making Wild Child Entertainment a full time commitment.

In 2018 Al was the Stunt Coordinator for "Get Gone".  His team did all of the stunts o the production.  The film had its world premier in Las Vegas in 2019.  

Al is a guitarist and lead vocalist for Legerdemain, a rock group based out of the Northwest. He has written and composed most all of Legerdemain's songs.


KAPA Summer 1999 - Present

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