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What is Reach for the Stars Academy?

  • A Private School with Alternative Learning.  

  • Established as a Home School Co-Op in 2019

  • Grades K-12th

  • We use a variety of curriculum. 

    • The majority of the subjects is through the ACE Pace program.  We have chosen this curriculum because they provide transcripts and run all the way through college!  

    • We have added an incredible Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, Hands on Science and more detailed History & Social Studies.  

    • Weekly PE, Music and Art

    • Outdoor recess with a full playground. 

      (We are open to you using the curriculum of YOUR choice)

  • If you have concerns about what your public school is teaching, our program is perfect for you.  We are American to the core and believe in treating people the way we would want to be treated.  We do NOT teach CRT or discuss any sexual issues, we feel that is up to the family to discuss with their child.  Families need to instill the values they see fit.   We are here to teach actual academic subjects only.  

  • If you have specific religious or medical concerns that conflict with public school, our program will be a great fit for you.   Again we believe in freedom of choice and will never enforce mandates.  As a home school co-op we have that ability.  

  • School Hours 9:00-3:30 Monday thru Friday: 

  • We follow the MRSD Calendar for holidays, teacher work days and school closures with minor changes.  You will receive a calendar upon registration.    

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What is Beyond the Stars?

  • All of the above PLUS Unlimited Dance, Cheer and Tumbling Classes at your age and ability!   Think "FAME SCHOOL".   

  • We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, cheer, tumbling, gymnastics and musical theater!   

  • Students don't have to be picked up until after their last dance class of the day!   

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Reach for the Stars Tuition & Policies

Tuition Policies:


  • Tuition is paid a Month in Advance due on or before the 1st of each month.  

    • September Tuition is Due August 1st. 

    • October Tuition is Due September 1st. 

    • ... and so forth

  • Tuition can be paid in full or divided into 10 or 12 monthly payments of your choice. 

  • You must pay the contract in full even if you move out of the area.  We do offer month to month rates for an additional fee that relinquish you from the contract.  

  • Annual Fees can be divided into 4 payments for an additional $5 fee per payment.    

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Click here to Register Now

  • Don't be alarmed... the Total Due will show as Month to Month with all materials fees at the highest rate. 

  • Contract Pricing and lower fees will be adjusted when you turn your contract in. 

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