What is Musical Theater?


Do you love to Sing... Dance... and Act?  Are you artistic and like to help with sets and props?  If you answered YES to any of the above, then Musical Theater is for YOU!!


We learn a full mini musical! 


Students will work on:  

  • Stage Directions

  • Memorization

  • Character development

  • Basic dance skills

  • Singing!  

  • Set & Prop design & building


The class is open to both boys and girls - the plays have speaking parts for both genders! 

Age Kindergarden thru 9th Grade. 

The class meets Monday and Thursday 6:30-7:20pm

There will be additional prop and set building days and extra rehearsal days as needed.  These are all included in your course fees.


Get ready to shiver, shimmy and shake!


The North wind is starting to blow and temperatures are dropping to ten below - zero, that is!


A big blizzard is on the way as a cool bunch of jazzy, finger-snappin' snowflakes take center stage. What a glistening sight.


UH OH! Here comes the snowplow!


Join the fun as the Flakes and Snirts help the Littlest Snowflake see how no two flakes are alike and we are all special in our own way!

Class runs from October 10th thru December 16th.


  • MONDAY & THURSDAY 6:30-7:20PM 

  • Tuition $275 - can be broken down into payments - pay in cash and receive a 2.5% discount!  ($268)

  • If you are on our unlimited plan, this class IS INCLUDED.  

  • If you are not on the unlimited plan, we will help you determine if adding this to dance tuition or paying it separate is the best deal fo ryou! 

Materials Fee:

  • $75 per student

  • Materials fee must be paid the first month.  This covers the rights to perform the musical, supplies for set design and props.  Some costume pieces may be included.

  • In most cases you are responsible for putting together your own costume.  Parts that require matching outfits will be provided by our costume department for an additional fee.  This will be clarified after all parts are assigned. 

Annual Membership Fee:  $25 per student / $75 Family Max.   If you have paid this already during the 2022/2023 school year, you do not pay twice!  

Sibling Discount:

  • First student pays full price, each additional student takes 10% off tuition only. 

  • Membership Fees and Materials Fees are never discounted. 

  • This discount applies to students living in the same household with one or more shared parent/guardian