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KAPA Dance, Music and Theater

Tuition for Dance, Cheer, Tumbling & Musical Theater

2022-2023 Season:  Monday September 12, 2022 thru Friday June 16, 2023

Tuition Options:   

  • Tuition is based on the total number of classes in a year divided into equal payments to make budgeting on your end and billing on our end easier.   

    • Our dance year is based on a 32 week dance year.  We have 36 weeks of classes on our calendar.  The additional three are not billed.  They area for snow days, teacher emergencies or other unexpected cancellations.  If there is no snow, or teacher emergency, you get these extra classes for FREE.  We also have additional rehearsals before performances and spring recital.  

    • We do not pro-rate for missed classes, Holidays, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, or Spring Break.  ​

    • Dancers may take a make up class in any course at their age and ability or lower at anytie for a missed class.  

  • Tuition, registration fees, deposits and costume fees are non-refundable.  

  • Tuition is the total number of hours for your immediate family (living under the same roof with one or more shared parent/guardians)

  • We offer several tuition options.  See details and pricing below. 

  • Annual Registration Fee $25 per dancer, $75 Family Max.  Separate from Reach for the Stars Academy classes.  

  1. Month to Month:

    • No Contract​

    • Must pay a month in advance (first and last up front)

    • Tuition due on the first of the previous month.  Late fees added on the 2nd.  ($25) 

      • If tuition is not paid by the last day of the month, we will assume you are dropping.  ​

      • If you re-enroll, registration fees will need to be paid again.  

    • Most expensive option 

  2. Contract:  The following options are on a contract from the day you register until the full amount of the contract is paid.  You are responsible for full payment even if you drop, move out of the area or miss classes for any reason.   We prorate your first month only.  See Tuition Agreement for complete terms and conditions 

    • Option A:  Pay year in full​:  One payment in advance, by cash, check, credit or debit card.  

    • Option B:  Auto Pay - Full Year Amount divided into 6 equal payments​​​

    • Option C:  Auo Pay - Full Year Amount divided into 10 equal payments on the 1st

    • Option D:  Auto Pay - Full Year Amount divided into 12 equal payments​ on the 1st

    • Option E:  Auto Pay - Full Year Amount divided into 12  equal payments on the 15th, with a 10% processing fee added​

    • Option F:  Self Pay- Full Year Amount divided into 6, 10, or 12 payments with a 15% per payment processing fee added.  

  3. VIP Pass: KAPA's Versatile Instruction Plan Pass.  We know and appreciate how busy an adults schedule may be, expecially when work, children and families are involved.  Many adults would love to attend classes, but don't want to commit to a weekly class with monthly tuition rates.  This plan is designed for you!   Purchase a 5, 10 or 20 class punch card and have it punched by the instructor each time you come to class.  It is a little more expensive, but you get the freedom to miss without the worry of paying.  

  • Must be 21 or over​

  • Expires one year from the date of purchase

  • Non Transferable 

    • 5 Class Card $90​

    • 10 Class Card $175

    • 20 Class Card $325

DMT TUITION 22.23.jpg

Other Discounts

  • Loyalty Discount:  1.25% for every year you are a KAPA Student -- if you take at KAPA for a full year and take at least 50% of your fall class load and one summer camp during the summer, you recieve a 1.25% discount the following year.   This accumulates. 

    • If you completed 2 years and 2 summers, on your third year you receive a 2.5% discount - after other discounts are applied.

    • If you completed 3 years and 3 summers, on your fourth year you receive a 3.75% discount- after other discounts are applied. -

    • This discount is per child - not per family

    • If you sit out a summer or season, you lose your loyalty discount.

    • Summer sessions may not be prorated.

    • If you choose to have a prorated summer session, you lose your loyalty discount.


  • Dance Team ~ Thespian Discount 10%:  If you are on a local High School Dance Team or a member of the Oregon Thespian Society, and want to take classes to enhance your abilities, we will offer you a discount on your KAPA Classes each month.  Not valid with any other disocunt or promotion.   

    • You must provide us the coaches/supervisors phone number and e-mail address so that we may verify your standings on the team. 
    • If you are suspended from the team for any reason, you will lose this discount. 


  • Refer a Family:  $50  tuition credit 
    For each new family you refer to KAPA - you will receive a $50 tuition credit when they register and pay their first month and all fees in full.

    • They MUST put your name in the "How did you hear about KAPA" box when they register. 

    • They must be a new family to KAPA -- having not taken any classes or workshops within the last three years.

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