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Twinkling Stars Performing Arts Preschool

Summer:  July 6-30th, 2020
T-W-Th      8:30am to Noon


Does your child's preschool including, tap, jazz, ballet, tumbling, singing and daily crafts?  Our's does!!

 - If you are paying for preschool and dance lessons, our preschool program saves you money while opening up your evenings for family time and other children's activities!


We teach full preschool curriculum:  Monthly Themes.  Writing letters, numbers, the student's name and other preschool words.  We learn shapes and colors.  Student activities include basic math skills, how to read a calendar, the days of the week, the months of the year, sharing, taking turns and leadership responsibilities. 


Sample Daily Schedule



8:30-9:00     Welcome Activity.  Sharing.  Calendar.  Weather Bear


9:00-9:30     Learning session #1 (letters & writing).  Free time when finished.


9:30-10:00   Dance Class: 
                          3-4 year olds:  Tuesday - Jazz/Ballet     Thursday  - Tumbling

                          4-5 year olds:  Monday - Jazz/Ballet, Wednesday - Tap, Friday - Tumbling


10:00-10:30 Snack & Recess  (sometimes inside, sometimes outside)


10:30-11:00  Story Time.  Acting.  Singing.


11:00-11:30  Learning session #2 (numbers, colors, shapes).  Free time when finished.


11:30-12:00  Art & Free Time.



  • $275 for the session.  - No Materials Fees


Must live in the same household with one or more common parent/guardians.  No discount on Materials Fees

  •  10% Discount off additional siblings living in the same household with one or more shared parents/guardians

What to pack in your backpack each day:

  • Ballet Slippers: 

    • white for girls

    • black for boys

  • Tap Shoes - Wednesday Students Only 

    • black tie taps for girls​

    • black oxford taps for boys

  • Water Bottle

  • Small Snack for snack time:  fruit, cheese, nuts, juice, etc  Please try to avoide cookies, and candy. 

  • Street shoes & leggings or other clothes for outside playtime

  • Warm sweater or jacket for outside playtime

  • Extra Change of clothes... just in case ;)

Getting Ready for School each Day: 

Each day your child will need to be dressed in:

     Girls:  a leotard and tights. An optional skirt, tumbling shorts or leggings are acceptable.

     Boys:  Shorts or work out pants with a t-shirt tucked in.  Socks.


We would love for your dancer to have white ballet slippers for girls, black for boys for ballet/jazz, and a pair of black tap shoes (Wednesday students only). 

     We have a rental box at the studio.  If you find a pair of shoes in here that fits your dancer, you can rent them for the year for a rental fee of just $10 - $5 of which you get back when you return the shoes in good condition. 


Please secure hair away from face and neck.  Pony tails or pig tails are preferred.

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