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Monday November 5, 2018 Day 1

Weight: 223.8

1:30am: Eyes pop open... can't get back to sleep. Tried meditating.

2:50am: Alarm goes off

3:15am: Coffee (black) and out of bed. Went to bed at 9pm last night so almost 4.5 hours sleep

3:30am: Head to the Studio.

4:00am: Pack Al's lunch and get him off to work. Have second cup of black coffee.

4:30am: Start this blog! I prefer doing weigh in's on Tuesdays... I hate Monday being the first day since weekends are rough. I will post weight and measurements every Tuesday.

6:30am: Coffee, 3 eggs dry scrambled with 3 oz sausage. No oil added.


Daily Food Intake:

Coffee - 3

3 Eggs

3 oz Sausage (jimmy dean sage)

LLV (2 each) +DDR Prime (1)

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