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Look What We've Been Up To!  

These are things you can continue working with your child with at home.   They love some of the videos we watch so we want to share them with you here too!  


Week 5

  • Field Trip:  Out in the Garden Nursery.    Look at animals, get pumpkins to paint later in the week
  • Letter E
    • Words we have been talking about​
      • eagle

      • ear

      • earth

      • easel

      • eat

      • eel

      • egg

      • eight

      • elbow

      • elephant

      • eleven

      • elk

      • end

      • engine

      • envelope

      • eraser

      • eye

  • Number 2
  • Alice the Camel
  • Books we have read this week:  
Check out our pumpkin patch photos and our art photos
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